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This page includes explanations of some common jargon and abbreviations often used by the KH2 and/or randomizer community.

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Common abbreviations for 100 Acre Wood.


Common short name referring to the 1,000 Heartless fight.



A common abbreviation for All Blue Numbers, a win condition where all worlds need to have a blue number next to them in the item tracker to consider the win condition met.


A common abbreviation for Agrabah.


A cross-game modification system which randomizes different games, then uses the result to build a single unified multiplayer game. Items from one game may be present in another, and you will need your fellow players to find items you need in their games to help you complete your own. See for more.


A common abbreviation for Absent Silhouette.


A common abbreviation for Atlantica.


A common abbreviation for the first fight against Armored Xemnas.


A common abbreviation for the second fight against Armored Xemnas.



A common abbreviation for Beast’s Castle.



A location in the game where you can receive a randomized reward. Can also refer to the randomized rewards themselves. It is usually clear from context which is meant.


A common abbreviation for the Cavern of Remembrance.

CoR Skip

A technique where the player clips out-of-bounds in the Cavern of Remembrance in order to bypass the difficult fights in this area. The downside of this skip is that one treasure chest is left largely unobtainable due to an invisible wall that does not get removed when the skip is performed.



A common abbreviation for Disney Castle.

Desperation Move

An “ultimate” attack performed by an enemy (usually a boss) where the enemy is usually invincible for the duration of the move. Often the screen dims during such an attack.


A common abbreviation for Desperation Move.

Dome Skip

A technique where the player can skip Final Xemnas’s “laser dome” desperation move. If you’re able to deplete all of his health before he has a chance to start the laser dome move, the fight ends (in contrast to the normal game where the laser dome is unskippable).

This technique works on both normal Final Xemnas and Data Final Xemnas.

Successfully skipping the laser dome saves roughly 90 seconds of cutscene time, so it is a technique that most randomizer players will try to accomplish, especially in a race. If a player fails to skip the laser dome, it’s often referred to as “getting domed”.


Early Throne Room

A common phrase synonymous with Shan-Yu Skip.


Garden of Assemblage

The area of the game where there are 13 portals that normally lead to battles with the Data Organization XIII. In randomizer, the area is repurposed to be the world hub, where each portal leads to a specific world.

Go Mode

The point in a randomizer game where the player has all required items for the win condition, but still needs to complete one or more final tasks (usually referring to defeating Final Xemnas).


A common abbreviation for Garden of Assemblage.


Hades Cup Trophy

An item that, when acquired, allows the player to enter the Olympus Coliseum cups without clearing the otherwise required game content to unlock each of the cups.


A common abbreviation for Hollow Bastion.


A way of giving the player information about some of the randomized rewards in a randomizer game. See Hint Systems.

Hinted Hint

See What are “hinted hints”? Why do they matter?


A win condition for the randomizer that requires the player fulfill certain objectives. See Hitlist for more.


A common abbreviation for Halloween Town.



A common abbreviation for Important Check.

Important Check

A randomized reward agreed upon to be considered “important” (usually in terms of one of the hint systems).



A nickname given to Simulated Twilight Town. Early on in the randomizer’s development, the player could not leave STT until close to the end of the world, so choosing to go there was dubbed “going to jail”.

Even though the randomizer has been updated to allow the player to leave much earlier in the world, STT is often sill referred to as Jail.



A common abbreviation for Land of Dragons.


A common abbreviation for Lingering Will.


Map Crash

On the PC Epic Games Store version of the game, the game sometimes crashes when choosing a location on the map (commonly known as “map crash”). It is recommended to save anytime you’re about to talk to Jack on the ship to choose a destination.

As of release 2.1, the randomizer seed generator has a “Remove Port Royal Map Select” option that, when enabled, replaces the map location selection screen with simple text options, hopefully preventing the crash altogether.


A system where multiple players play randomizer at the same time, and items from one player’s game can be found in another player’s game. KH2 randomizer currently has support for multiworld via Archipelago.

Munny Pouch

An item that, when acquired, increases the player’s Munny by 5,000. There are usually two of these in the randomized item pool.



A common abbreviation for Olympus Coliseum.

Olympus Stone

An item that, when acquired, allows Sora to use Drive Forms and summons in Olympus Coliseum earlier than normally able.


A common abbreviation for the Once More ability.

OpenKH Mods Manager

A program from the OpenKH project that can apply modifications to an extracted version of the KH2 game.

This works for both the PCSX2 emulated version of the game and the PC Epic Games Store version.



A code name for the software that hooks into the Kingdom Hearts games’ file loading code to allow game modifications to be loaded directly (without needing to patch or otherwise modify the actual game files).


A common abbreviation for Pride Lands.


A common abbreviation for Port Royal.

Promise Charm

An item that, if enabled for a randomized game, can open an alternate path to the final boss fights. Once the Promise Charm and all 3 Proofs are obtained, interacting with the computer in the Garden of Assemblage leads to the alternate path. This alternate path includes several Bulky Vendor enemies that give large amounts of experience.


One of three items normally given as rewards for defeating difficult challenges.

In randomizer, these three items, collectively, unlock the door at the Altar of Naught that leads to the final boss fights.

Push The Mouse

A technique used when escorting Minnie across the Colonnade where the player attempts to push Minnie along the wall rather than using the Call Over reaction command. If done well, this can save time.



A common abbreviation for Reaction Command.

Revenge Value

A hidden meter that bosses and enemies have that determines when they will retaliate after being attacked. This prevents the player from being able to infinitely stun-locking the enemy (in most cases, though there are several exceptions).

Strategies for defeating bosses quickly or consistently often involve manipulating the revenge value to force the boss to retaliate at opportune moments.


A common abbreviation for Revenge Value.


Save Warp

Leaving a world at a Save Point and re-entering the world knowing that the game will place you at the next save point. See Save Warping.


A common abbreviation for the Second Chance ability.


A specific playthrough of the randomizer game.

The terminology comes from a computer’s random number generator. When given a certain input, the random number generator will always produce the same output. The input given to a random number generator is known as a “seed”.

In KH2 randomizer, the input to the random number generator is comprised of

If the input to the random number generator is the same, then all of the randomizations performed to the game should be the same. If the input changes at all (such as the seed name or even one of the seed settings changing), then the randomizations will be completely different.

Seed Hash

A sequence of images generated and stored along with the seed.

Seed Hash example

The seed hash is displayed several places.

The hash can be used for multiple purposes.

Shan-Yu Skip

A technique where the player jumps over the cutscene trigger that begins the Shan-Yu fight in Land of Dragons in order to (at least temporarily) bypass the fight. This allows the player to acquire the many treasure chests in the Throne Room far earlier than intended.

Once the treasure chests are obtained, the player can either leave via the Save Point in the Throne Room, or can go back outside and trigger the cutscene to fight Shan-Yu, progressing the story as normal.


A common technique used early in a randomizer game that involves entering many worlds in quick succession, only picking up treasure chests that are easily accessible without dealing with much difficult combat.

Can also refer to entering a single world, picking up the easy chests, and leaving.

Simulated Twilight Town

Refers to the digital Twilight Town in which the player controls Roxas.

Sora’s Heart

A term used as a synonym for Sora’s level-up rewards in the item tracker. For example, “Sora’s heart has 2 important checks” means that two important checks are contained within Sora’s level-up rewards.


A common abbreviation for Space Paranoids.


A common abbreviation for Simulated Twilight Town.


Throne Room Skip

A common synonym for Shan-Yu Skip.

Tifa’s Chest

A nickname given to the treasure chest in the Heartless Manufactory area of Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden, due to Tifa being present in this room at one point in the game.


A common abbreviation for Timeless River.


A common abbreviation for Twilight Town.


A common abbreviation for The World That Never Was.


Unknown Disk

An item added to the randomizer that, when acquired, allows access the Heartless Manufactory in Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden earlier than it is normally available.


Visit Unlock

Second visits to many worlds are “locked” by the Garden of Assemblage mod utilized by the randomizer. In order to unlock the second visits, you will need to obtain certain “visit unlock” items.

A table of which visits are unlocked by which items is below.

Visit Unlock Table

Quick Tip: To make sure the game can update story flags when you collect a visit unlock, you need to trigger a cutscene or enter The World that Never Was. That will update the game, and you can continue to the next visit.



A term, borrowed from Super Smash Bros., commonly used to describe Roxas’s movement when using the Quick Run ability. Since Roxas’s character model was not programmed with an animation for Quick Run, he soft of hops along the ground and this has been dubbed “wavedashing”.

As of release 2.1, the randomizer seed generator has a “Roxas Magic/Movement/Trinity” option that ports Sora’s movement animations to Roxas, therefore allowing Roxas to Quick Run properly.


Yeet the Bear

Refers to The Hunny Pot minigame in 100 Acre Wood - Starry Hill, where Sora removes the hunny pot from Pooh’s head. Though in reality it’s the pot that goes flying, this is still often referred to as “yeeting the bear”.

Can also refer to a setting in the seed generator that places the Proof of Nonexistence as a reward for “yeeting the bear”. This setting effectively forces the player to find all Torn Pages as well as the two other Proof items in order to unlock the door to final fights.