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Notable Randomizer Changes

Some of these are specific changes made for randomizer, others are just things that can only happen in randomizer due to having tools you weren’t otherwise meant to have in certain parts of the game.


Save Warping

Because there is no world map from which to choose a spawn point, the player is placed at an appropriate save point when (re-)entering a world based on story progression. This can be exploited in a few places in randomizer to save some time by leaving a world and re-entering to be “warped” to the next location. The warps that can save time include but are not limited to:

The World That Never Was

Land of Dragons

Halloween Town


Olympus Coliseum

Pride Lands

Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden

Disney Castle

Space Paranoids

100 Acre Wood

Simulated Twilight Town (STT)

Win Conditions

The community has come up with several common variations on how to “win” the game. Several common ones are outlined here.

Beat Final Xemnas

The primary goal is to defeat Final Xemnas (the normal final boss of the game) at the end of The World That Never Was. However, the door to the final battles remains locked until the Final Door Requirement for the seed is satisfied.

If the Promise Charm item is enabled for the seed, once the Promise Charm is obtained and the Final Door Requirement is satisfied, the computer at the center of the Garden of Assemblage opens a path to skip over The World That Never Was and go straight to the final fight gauntlet. This path also contains several Bulky Vendor enemies that give large amounts of experience points for a way to gain levels quickly.

All Blue Numbers (ABN)

The goal is to obtain all items designated as Important Checks for the seed. Since the original version of the item tracker used a blue number to designate all Important Checks are found in a location, the player knows every Important Check in the game is found once all numbers in the tracker are “blue”.

Some variations of this win condition consider the game won immediately once the final Important Check is found and shown on the tracker. Other variations also require Final Xemnas to be defeated after all Important Checks are found.

Hit List

The player is given a certain number of objectives to fulfill (usually defeating either certain story bosses or superbosses). The goal is to fulfill all or a subset of these objectives.

Some variations of this win condition consider the game won immediately once the final Hit List objective is fulfilled. Other variations also require Final Xemnas to be defeated after all required Hit List objectives are fulfilled.


The player is given a Bingo board and must complete several tasks to fill in squares on the board, either to make one or more lines of Bingo, or to fill in all squares on the board (known as Blackout Bingo).

Timed Points

The goal is to earn as many points as possible within a designated time limit (one hour being the most commonly used time limit). Points are earned by obtaining items in the game as well as accomplishing certain tasks in the game (such as defeating bosses).

This mode is often used with random boss/enemy placement.

Known Issues

Some of these issues exist in the base game, while others are specific to the randomizer.

Halloween Town

Twilight Town

Hollow Bastion / Radiant Garden

Port Royal

Simulated Twilight Town (STT)

Note that as of release 2.1, the randomizer seed generator has a “Roxas Magic/Movement/Trinity” option that, when enabled, ports Sora’s animations to Roxas, eliminating these T-poses/softlocks.