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Hint Systems

The randomizer community has come up with several hint systems. Each has its own page with more detailed information.

There is also a additional Progression Hints mode that modifies the way several of the hint systems work.

How do I use hints?

When choosing options for generating a seed, choose which hint system to use on the Hints tab. Once generated, your seed zip file can be loaded into the Item Tracker either by dragging the seed zip file onto the tracker window, or by choosing Load KH2Randomizer Seed from the menu and browsing to the seed zip file.

Common Settings

There are some settings common between many of the hint systems.

Progression Hint Mode

See Progression Hints for more information.

Hi-Score Mode

If enabled, the tracker will track points gained for collecting Important Checks, completing worlds, beating bosses, and more.

When enabled, several other settings appear allowing you to configure point values for these various goals.

Remove Self-Hinting Reports

If enabled, prevents an Ansem Report from revealing information about the same world in which the report was found.

Hintable Items

Configures what is considered an Important Check for the purposes of the various hint systems.