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Points Hints

Each Important Check is given a category, and each category is given a value for each item in it. Point values for each category can be customized when generating a randomizer seed.

Once your seed is loaded into the tracker, each location is given a score based on how many of each of these it contains. You are able to see the score for each location right from the start.

Empty Tracker

As you find Important Checks in the game, the numbers for each location will decrease by the appropriate point values until eventually reaching zero, at which time the world will be marked as complete.

Tracker with Items

In the screenshot above, 2 Important Checks were found in Land of Dragons but there are still one or more Important Checks there with a combined value of 15 points. Additionally, 3 Important Checks were found on Sora’s Levels, and since the number is now zero and the world is indicated as complete, no more Important Checks are located there.

Reports As Hints

In this hint system, each Ansem Report gives information on the location of a single Important Check.

Tracker with Hint

In the screenshot above, Ansem Report 3 (found in Twilight Town) reveals that Hundred Acre Wood has Wisdom Form.


There are some seed generator settings specific to this hint system.

Reports can Reveal Proofs

If enabled, Ansem Reports have a chance of revealing the locations of Proofs.

Note: Even with this setting on, reports are not guaranteed to hint all or even any Proofs.

Reports can Reveal other Reports

If enabled, Ansem Reports have a chance of revealing the locations of other Ansem Reports.