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Texture Colors

When the Recolor Some Textures setting is enabled, some of the in-game textures can be recolored. The seed generator has the ability to recolor most playable characters, many non-playable characters, most Heartless, and most Nobodies (including bosses).

Due to the way textures are applied, this option will only work properly when using Panacea for loading mods into the PC Epic Games Store version of the game.

Texture Recolor Settings

From the Cosmetics tab use the Texture Recolor Settings button to open the window for configuring texture colors. The window contains several settings, as well as a sample of the original texture and a preview of the recolored texture.

Settings Window

Presets - Contains options for setting all colors to vanilla, all colors to random, as well as the ability to save and load presets similar to presets for seed settings.

Category - Contains options to set colors for all models in the selected category to vanilla or random.

Area To Color

Category - Can be used to filter the models available for selection.

Model - Chooses the model for which to edit colors.

Area - Chooses the area within the selected model for coloring.

Color to Use

Setting - Chooses how to color the selected area of the selected model.

Color Hue - Chooses the color hue (0-360) to use to color the selected color area of the selected model. Only applicable when the color Setting is Custom.

General estimates of hue values:

Other Notes