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This is a general guide to how randomized synthesis works in the generator.

How it Works

There are 30 “recipes” in the game, some you get from the synth shop directly for “Free Development” and some you have to find mid game in chests. For randomized synthesis all 30 of those recipes are modified to be “Free Development” and unlock very simply:

At that point, you have access to all 30 recipes in Free Development, and can synthesize all items. The recipes for each item are randomized each seed, and can be in these ranges:

So each recipe may take between 1 and 9 total items to complete. If you synthesize enough things, you can unlock access to using energy items, which can cut the cost of recipes in “half” meaning max is a total of 6 items.

Synthesis Items Required

Not all synth items are considered for recipes. Some items are not guaranteed to be placed in seeds, i.e. Orichalcum+, or seed settings may not have any synthesis items in the pool. For this reason, the list of synthesis is reduced to these items:

All of these categories of shards, stones, gems, and crystals can make up a recipe.

Farming Guide

  Shard Stone Gem Crystal
Blazing Hammer Frame / Minute Bomb Cannon Gun / Tornado Step Fat Bandit / Fiery Globe Crescendo / Crimson Jazz
Frost Hook Bat / Lance Soldier Aeroplane / Hot Rod Fortune Teller / Icy Cube Living Bone
Lightning Bolt Tower / Rapid Thruster Driller Mole / Emerald Blues Armored Knight / Surveillance Robot Devastator / Strafer
Lucid Rabid Dog / Trick Ghost Graveyard / Toy Soldier / Wight Knight Book Master / Magnum Loader Neoshadow
Power Creeper Plant / Large Body Luna Bandit / Silver Rock Aerial Knocker / Shaman Morning Star
Dark Shadow / Soldier Assault Rider / Nightwalker Gargoyle Knight / Gargoyle Warrior Air Pirate
Dense Creeper / Dragoon Sniper Samurai Berserker
Twilight Dusk / Gambler Dancer Assassin Sorcerer
Bright Creeper Plant, Hook Bat, Minute Bomb, Rabid Dog, Soldier Aeroplane, Cannon Gun, Driller Mole, Luna Bandit, Silver Rock, Tornado Step, Wight Knight Aerial Knocker, Magnum Loader, Surveillance Robot Air Pirate, Crescendo, Neoshadow, Strafer
Energy Bolt Tower, Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior, Nightwalker Hammer Frame, Lance Soldier, Trick Ghost Emerald Blues, Fortune Teller Bookmaster, Shaman

For a more detailed breakdown of how to farm materials and where, check this detailed synthesis guide by Bulcon