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The randomizer community has the primary tracker as well as some novelty ones for other game modes.


When playing the randomizer, it can be helpful to see everything you collect, what worlds you found the checks in, and your in-game stats. Everything that the tracker can display is annotated in the image below and will be referenced throughout the remainder of this page. If you want a complete summary of all the possible check locations in game, please refer to Xtreone’s summary.

Note: The exact layout and check inclusions are subject to change from version to version.

World Labels

The tracker displays all of the worlds that you may encounter while playing the randomizer. The image below showcases all of the locations where checks may potentially be found and their commonplace shorthand. The shorthand is included because many times streamers may say “I’m going to OC” instead of “I’m going to Olympus Coliseum.”

Now that all of the locations are known, it is important to know you will not always encounter a location when playing a seed. For example, Atlantica and Puzzles & Synthesis are rarely included in any seed. In the randomizer generator, one can remove any worlds from the check pool, meaning that those worlds would not contain any important checks. The tracker will have access to this information when you load a seed in and remove those worlds from the tracker layout. So, for example, the image below showcases what the tracker looks like when I only want Disney worlds in the pool.

Check Labels

The section of the tracker beneath the worlds where all the checks are located are called important checks. These are checks that will track on the tracker to the appropriate world once you collect it in game.

Note that while all the possible important checks are included in the image above, not all of them show up in various settings. For example, anti-form, munny pouches, Olympus Stone, Hades Cup, Unknown Disk, and Promise Charm are frequently omitted from seed settings. Additionally, the visit unlocks are not always turned on for certain settings. When turned on, you must find the world specific party member weapon to progress onwards to the second visit of each world. For example, to progress further than the Hydra fight in Olympus Coliseum, you must find Auron’s weapon - Battlefields of War - to continue onwards. When these visit unlocking items are off, you are free to go wherever you please and those checks will disappear from the tracker.

Changing Image Styles

The tracker comes decked out with many styling features. These features do not change how the tracker functions at all, but does change the layout and visuals. Under “Image Visuals” you can change the world, progression, and check icon visuals to your liking.


The tracker can be downloaded from here if you do not have it already. Scroll to the version you want to download and download the “.exe” file only. In the event your computer tries to protect you from the file, select “More Info” and then “Run anyway.”

To use the KH2 Tracker, open the tracker by clicking on the KhTracker “.exe” file. Once the tracker loads, go to “Options > Load Hints” and select the appropriate hints extension (most likely Kh2 Randomizer seed). Select the appropriate file once the file explorer window opens (most likely the randoseed zip you just generated). Once the seed is loaded in, launch KH2. It’s good practice to confirm that the seed hash displayed in the start game menu matches the seed hash displayed on the tracker once the seed is loaded in. After this, go to “Options” > “Start [Method] Tracking” where [Method] is the version (PCSX2/PC Port) of KH2 you are playing on. Make sure the tracker confirms that the autotracking has started. You will be able to tell because either the PCSX2 or PC icon (in green) will show up. Now you’re good to start a seed!

Saving and Loading Seeds

In the event you want to save your randomizer progress to continue it at a later time, go to “Options” > “Save Current Progress” and save the resulting “.txt” file in a location you’ll remember. Later on, to load it back into the tracker, go to “Options” > “Load Tracker Progress.” If you have not done a new randomizer seed since saving, you can use the autosave mod to load back into your seed. Otherwise, make sure to make a hard save in KH2 before closing out your randomizer.

Battleship Tracker

The randomizer community has found several new ways to enjoy the randomizer that calls for some novelty trackers. At the moment, the only documented one is the Battleship Tracker though others may arise in the future. The Battleship tracker can be used to play custom game modes such as (but not limited to) Battleships, Boss Enemy Bingo, and Hitlist. The tracker can be found and installed here. Unless you want to playtest the newest version of the tracker, it is recommended you utilize the latest stable release.

In general, the instructions are as follows:

  1. Setup the tracker to your liking.
  2. Send the settings of the tracker to all racers.
  3. Launch KH2
  4. Autotrack if you do not have autodetect turned on.

The following sub-sections detail step 1 instructions. You will still need to do all of Steps 2-4 for the tracker to work.

Step 1

Instructions for Battleship

Battleship has various placement modes to choose from:

  1. Same Board Mode
  2. Blind Mode
  3. Visible Mode

“Same Board Mode” means that once you and any other players have the same card, selecting “Placement” > “Same Board Mode” will create the same randomly generated battleship board with the ships of your choosing.

“Place Blind Mode” will hide all the checks and it is up to you to place your ships on the grid. Once you are happy with the placements, go to “Actions” > “Save Ship Layout”. This should open up a file explorer window where you can see your ships folder. Go into that folder and you’ll see a file called “encrypted_ships.txt”. Send this file to your opponent(s). Your opponent should send you their encrypted ships too. Load them in by clicking “Actions” > “Load Ship Layout”. If you want to confirm that their ships are valid, you can click “Validate” > “Validate Opponent/Shared Ships”. Load the card by entering the card seedname in “Customize” > “Change Seed Name” or just generating a new card if you have for some reason already done this step.

“Place Visible Mode” will keep your current board as is but will allow you to place your ships on the specific checks/events that you desire. It is important that you and your opponent(s) are on the same card at this point (in other words do Step 2 before Step 1 for this game mode). If you want to validate your own ships match the setting expectations you can do so by going to “Validate” > “Validate Your Ships”. Once you are happy with the placements, go to “Actions” > “Save Ship Layout”. This should open up a file explorer window where you can see your ships folder. Go into that folder and you’ll see a file called “encrypted_ships.txt”. Send this file to your opponent(s). Your opponent should send you their encrypted ships too. Load them in by clicking “Actions” > “Load Ship Layout”. If you want to confirm that their ships are valid, you can click “Validate” > “Validate Opponent/Shared Ships”.

If you would like to change the number of ships and what checks they can contain, you can do so under “Customize” > “Change Ship Size” and “Customize” > “Set Ship Restrictions”.

Instructions for Bingo

To play bingo (regardless of if it is boss enemy or not), the board must be square. Certain presets already have this option included, but if you want to play bingo with your own custom checks included, you can include the bingo logic by ticking it on in “Customize” > “Bingo Mode”. Cells will change from the marking color to the bingo color once you achieve a bingo.

Instructions for Boss Enemy

For any seeds that are generated with boss enemy randomization (One to One mode only), the tracker can autotrack the replacement bosses. To make this happen, before you start your seed, go to “Actions” > “Load Boss Enemy Seed” and select your boss enemy rando seed. Ensure that you get a popup that confirms the boss replacements were successfully loaded. You may see a popup that warns you of a replacement known to crash the game. If this happens, it is recommended that you generate a new boss enemy seed, though nothing will prevent you from playing the seed anyways if you so choose.

Instructions for Maze Mode

While this mode is still in beta, you can generate a maze out of the checks displayed on the tracker. To add a maze to the tracker simply navigate to “Customize” > “Maze Mode”. This will generate a maze with the top left (border will be red) being the starting square and the bottom right (border will be green) being the ending square.

Instructions for Hitlist

To generate a hitlist seed, open the tracker and navigate to “Actions” > “Load Preset”. An explorer window should open up in your presets folder. Select “hitlist.txt”. For your first time loading in the preset, the tracker will not change size and the images may appear stretched. Resize the tracker window so that the images are of the appropriate size; resizing the tracker window will save the tracker size and position for each particular preset, so your hitlist tracker will default to the new position and sizing the next time you elect to play hitlist. Hitlist autotracking development has been developed but will only work if you use the hitlist preset or if that preset was the last one you opened. This means that creating your own preset to play hitlist will not work.

Step 2

To send a card with the appropriate setting to other racers, go to “Actions” > “Save Board Settings”. This should open your file explorer. Send the settings.txt to all other racers. If you’re the one receiving the settings.txt. You can load the settings into your tracker by “Actions” > “Load Board Settings” and select the settings.txt you downloaded from the sender.

Step 4

After launching KH2 (Step 3), if you don’t have autodetect turned on (in Customize menu), go to “Actions” > “Start Autotracking” to start autotracking. The tracker title bar window will change “Not tracking.” to “Autotracking!”once the tracker successfully connects to the game.